EmbroidMe has a large selection of all the awards, trophies, and plaques that you would expect and we also have unique, distinctive items that will set your event apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for a distinctive trophy or plaque, interesting gift sets, luxurious executive pens, impactful lapel pins or jewelry, electronics, or gift cards, your nearby EmbroidMe expert can help you find the perfect way to show your appreciation.

To make your praise really pay off, give awards that are customized and personal. Our products convey true honor and prestige because they are made of the finest materials and are available in elegant designs. Our trophies and plaques are beautifully imprinted and reflect the spirit of your special event. Our EmbroidMe experts can help you select from a wide array of exquisite awards for those who take the top honors, and we can help you to select just the right items for recognizing all the other participants in ways that are elaborate, simple, or just plain fun.

Employee incentives create a positive effect in the workplace long after the award ceremony ends. They help you attract new employees and help keep quality employees by showing your pride in the work they’ve done.

Visit your local EmbroidMe Resource center for fresh new ideas that convey meaningful honors.


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