EmbroidMe distinguishes itself in the industry with its unique partnership approach in providing you with all the services you need.  In addition to extensive embroidery and garment printing, we offer customized programs to help you promote your business or event through Promotional Products, Awards and Personalized Gift Services.  We can even create a company store for your organization to put simple online ordering at your fingertips. *note we do not embroider, garment print, screen print or any other process onto customer provided items.



Recognize achievement with a unique award from EmbroidMe.  Awards are an effective way to drive sales and attract new clients. Let us show you how to build an impactful awards program.

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EmbroidMe offers expert custom embroidery services in house, so you can be assured that your project will receive personal attention from our dedicated staff. We will ensure that your embroidered custom logo will provide just the right apparel solution for your marketing strategy, event or organization. 

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Garment Printing

Garment Printing is the most in-demand decorating option that companies look for when they are putting together an apparel program. Let us show you how direct-to-garment and screen printing can be a cost effective alternative, with many options for making each project special.

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Online Company Stores

Want to give your employees, school students, or organization members an easy way to buy products while you maintain the integrity and look of your brand? Our online company stores assure the highest quality for your brand with items delivered on budget and on time.

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Promotional Products

It takes a trained specialist to know how to get the most out of your message when there are more than 800,000 promotional products to choose from.  That’s just what you get with EmbroidMe. Let us show you how to meet your goals by making a powerful lasting impression on just the right items.

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