Corporate Apparel

The first look at your brand’s image might just be in how your employees are presenting themselves. In today’s competitive marketplace, projecting just the right image could prove to make the difference in winning over the competition. Every point of contact with customers or potential customers formulates an impression that fits into their broader perception about the company. Since every interaction with the brand can have an influence on the bottom line, wearing embroidered shirts from EmbroidMe is a great way for a company to project a professional and uniformed image.

Employees are ambassadors of your company’s brand. Presenting a professionally dressed employee in an embroidered or garment printed shirt with the company logo to a potential customer is always important.  Imagine sending an employee to a customer’s home to give an estimate.  It portrays a very different image when your worker is professionally dressed in apparel with a logo, than a company whose employee shows up in a worn t-shirt. If this is the first point of contact for two competing companies that are trying to win the customer over, which company is more likely to get the job based on first impression? Furthermore, if this professional and uniform impression can then be perpetuated throughout every point of contact with that customer, it develops into a set of positive impressions and an overall positive image of the company.

Embroidered shirts can help build and maintain the company’s image both in the eyes of the customer and within the organization itself. They give employees a sense of ownership and pride in the company and can contribute to the level of employee commitment. Furthermore, the investment in company shirts can be justified by their high visibility. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, each company shirt generates an average of 365 advertising impressions per month.

Let your local EmbroidMe specialist serve as an extension of your marketing determine to help you find the best branded apparel for the image and budget of your company.  We can help you choose between dress shirts, tshirts, polo shirts, jackets and hats.  We can also guide you in color, fabric, style and brand selection. Call for a fast, free quote, or visit one of our nearly 300 Resource Centers for an initial consultation, and then see how our convenient online system will simplify the ordering process for both small business owners as well as large corporations.

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